Place : DCU Center, Worcester

Date : 04/08/07

Time : 83 min

Quality image / sound : A-

Format : Divx

Tracklist :

If i was your Vampire
posable Teens
Are you the rabbit?
Sweet dreams (are made of this) / Lunchbox
Just a car crash away
Heart-shaped Glasses (when the heart guides the hand)
Rock is dead
The Dope Show
Putting holes in happiness
The Fight Song
The love song
Antichrist superstar

The beautiful people

Merci à Mansonantechrist

Note :
It's only a DivX version but visual and sound quality is still very good. Cam is far from the scene but picture is static and bootleg is well shot. Concert is unfortunately not very original with a short and unsurprising setlist.

Rarity : 2/10