Place : Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory

Date : 21/11/04

Durée : 91 min

Qualité image / son : A / A (more pictures here)

Format : DVD

Tracklist :

Antichrist Superstar instrumental
Prelude (the family trip)
The love song
Irresponsible hate anthem (one part is cut)
Disposable teens
Personal Jesus
Get your gunn
Great big white world
Tainted love
The fight song
The nobodies
Diary of a dope friend intro - Dope show
Rock is dead
The golden age of grotesque
Sweet dreams (are made of this)
The beautiful people
Antichrist superstar


Note : Very clean picture and a great sound for this wonderful video bootleg. Show is good too with a long setlist and a beautiful stage. Bootleg has not any menu or interactivity.

Rarity : 3/10