Place : Normal, redbird arena

Date : 06/04/97

Time : 75 min

Format : VHS

Qualité sound / image : B-

Tracklist :

Angel with the scabbed wings
Get Your Gunn
Cake And Sodomy
Dried up, tied, and dead to the world
Sweet Dreams
The Suck For Your Solution
Little Horn
Apple Of Sodom
Antichrist Superstar
Beautiful People
The Reflecting God
Irresponsible Hate Anthem


Note : Picture quality is not good at all (my format is VHS so it's not the must to have). The most important point of this bootleg is the presence of the song The Suck for your solution which is quite rare. Three different versions of this bootleg exist and they are much better than this one. For information, members of Twin City church community prayed outside Redbird Arena Saturday afternoon in response to the Marilyn Manson concert tonight.

Rarity : 2/10