New York





Place : New York, Hammerstein ballroom

Date : 30/01/08

Time : 93 min

Quality image / sound : A

Format : DVD

Tracklist :

Cruci-Fiction in Space
Disposable Teens
Irresponsible Hate Anthem
Great big white world
If I Was your Vampire
Heart-Shaped Glasses
Sweet dreams (are made of this)
Rock'n'Roll Nigger
The Love Song
The Fight Song
The Dope Show
Rock is dead
Coma white + Coma Black
The Beautiful People
Antichrist Superstar

Note : Second night in NYC, in the famous Hammerstein ballroom. Like the first bootleg in NYC the day before, this video has a great quality (colour, closeup, sound) but with a touch of grain and some crowd interferences.

Rarety : 02/10