Place : Olympisky Arena, Moscow (Russia)

Date : 21/06/05

Time : 83 min

Quality image / sound : B+

Format : avi

Tracklist :

Antichrist Superstar instrumental
Prelude (the family trip)
The love song
Irresponsible hate anthem
Disposable teens
Minute of the decay introduction - Tourniquet
Personal Jesus
Get your gunn
Great big white world
Tainted love
The fight song
The nobodies
Diary of a dope friend intro - Dope show
Rock is dead
The golden age of grotesque
Sweet dreams (are made of this)
The beautiful people
Antichrist superstar

Artorks by Lucid Nightmare and Yamil

Note : Recorded far from the scene, picture quality is nevertheless very good. Show is clean with a full setlist.

Rarity : 01/10