Place : Montreal, Metropolis

Date : 23/07/01

Time : 67 min

Quality image / sound : A

Format : DVD

Tracklist :

God bless America
Irresponsible hate anthem
The Reflecting god
Great big white world
Disposable teens
The fight song
The nobodies
Rock is dead
The dope show
Cruci-fiction in space
Sweet dreams
The beautiful people
Rock'n roll nigger

artwork by FranticLand

Note : Between 2 Ozzfest dates, Marilyn Manson and the (unknown) Opening band TAPROOT make a special show in the small Metropolis arena. The concert is only 1 hour long and the tracklist is the same than every Ozzfest dates. Bootleg quality is very good in spite of some blurred images. Manson is particulary in a bad mood during the show.

Rarety : 01/10