Place : Minneapolis - Metrodome

Date : 22/06/97

Time : 56 min

Quality image / sound : B+

Format : CD (avi)

Tracklist :  

Angel with scabbed wings
Get Your Gunn
Dried up tied and dead to the world
Sweet Dreams
Little Horn
Suck for your solution
Antichrist Superstar
Baby you're a rich nan
The Beautiful people
Rock'n Roll nigger
Irresponsible hate anthem

LucidNightmare's artwork

Note : Short bootleg with great setlist (with Suck for your solution), recorded from the back of the arena, picture is dark and sound is very bassy and loud. This show changed from Float-Rite Park in nearby Somerset due to local protests - politicians threatened to revoke the park’s concert permit if those Satanists performed there.

Rarety : 03/10