M'era Luna festival- Hildesheim





Place : Hildesheim - M'era Luna Festival

Date : 02/09/01

Time : 25 min

Format : VCD

Qualité Image / Sound : A+

Tracklist :

Interview Ozzfest
Irresponsible hate anthem
Interview religion
The reflecting god
Interview fans
Great big white world
Interview future


Note : Last European date of the GGGtour (and last dates before the final show in L.A), the bootleg is a mix between interviews and 3 songs. Interviews have subtitles in German and the 3 songs are very usuals. Quality is nearly perfect (TV Broadcast). The Mera Luna Festival is one of the famous alternative German festival during August, in 2001 lineup was with Manson : Lacuna Coil, Subway to Sally or for example Paradise Lost.

Rarity : 2/10