Place : Londres , Brixton Academy

Date : 17/12/98

Time : 85 min

Format : VHS

Quality Image / Sound : A- / A

Tracklist :

Inauguration of the mechanical christ
The Refleting God
Great big white world
Cake and Sodomy
Mechanical Animal
I want to disappear
Sweet Dreams(are made of this)
The Speed of pain
Rock is dead
The Dope Show
User friendly
I don't like drugs
Rock 'n roll nigger
Antichrist Superstar
The Beautiful People

Note : UOne of my first video bootlegs. Format is VHS 'master copy' and a very good recording of the english show ! Unfortunately we can't see Twiggy because of the view and Sweet dreams is bad shot. The band didn't play Irresponsible Hate anthem during the encore ....

Rarity : 4/10