Kansas City






Place : International Raceway - Kansas City

Date : 31/10/00

Time : 81 min

Format : VCD

Quality sound / image : B

Tracklist :

Count to six and die
Irresponsible Hate Anthem
The Death Song
Disposable teens
Great big white world
The Fight Song
The Nobodies
The Dope Show
Cruci-Fiction in space
Burning Flag
Sweet Dreams
In the Shadow of the valley of death
The Love Song
The Beautiful People
The Reflecting God
Rock is dead


Note : One of the first (certainly the first) video of the GGGTour available in Trade market. Filmed from the pit, quality is not perfect with many crowd perturbation, blurred pictures. Setlist is little different from the rest of the tour with a Rock is dead as a final song.

Rarety : 01/10