Place : The meadows (New England Dodge Music Center), Hartford

Date : 07/05/97

Time : 81min

Quality image / sound : C+ / B

Format : DVD

Tracklist :

Angel with the scabbed wings
Get your gunn
Cake and Sodomy
Dried up, tied and dead to the world
Sweet Dreams
Minute of decay
Little Horn
Apple of Sodom
Antichrist Superstar
The Beautiful People (with trumpet)
The Reflecting God
Irresponsible hate anthem
Man that you fear


thx to Franticland

Note : Very poor picture quality for this video bootleg (vhs -> dvd), sound is better an quite powerfull. The show is perfect in spite of the basic setlist. Antichrist Superstar was recorded during this show for the single Remix&Repent.

Rarety : 03/10