Place : Hamilton - Copps Coliseum

Date : 02/05/97

Time : 86 min

Format : DVD

Quality sound / image : A

Setlist :

Angel with scabbed wings
Get your gunn
Cake and sodomy
Dried up, Tied and dead to the world
Sweet dreams
Minute of decay
Little horn
Apple of Sodom
Antichrist Superstar
The Beautiful people
The Reflecting god
Irresponsible hate anthem
Man that you fear

Note : A fucking great video shot far from the scene but very central picture ! Many of this plans were used for the official Dead to the World VHS . Probably the best audience video and best show of this tour. Setlist is usual with good songs like Irresponsible hate anthem (during which Manson wore a Canadian flag around his waist instead of the usual USA Stars & Stripes) or(Apple of sodom (during which Manson had a fit of the giggles)

Rarity : 2/10