Place : Festimad, Madrid

Date : 27/05/05

Time : 31 min

Quality image / sound : B- / A

Format : CD (wmv)

Setlist :

Prelude (Family trip) introduction
The Love song (the end)
Disposable teens (cut)
mOBSCENE (cut)
Tourniquet (cut)
Personal Jesus (cut)
Great big white world (cut)
Tainted Love (cut)
The fight song (cut)
The Nobodies (cut)
The Dope show (cut)
Rock is dead (cut)
Sweet dreams (cut)
The beautiful people
Antichrist superstar (cut)


Artwork by NCB and DutchPunkOTR (more on

Note : Incomplete version of the show, in fact it's a mix between all the songs. Sound is good contrary to visual quality that is quite bad (image quakes, blurs). Festimad Lineup in 2005 was great : SOAD, Incubus, Slayer, Nightwish, The Hives, etc