Place : Palamalaguti, Bologna

Date : 06/02/01

Time : 22min

Quality image / sound : C+

Format : DVD

Tracklist :

Count to six and die (cut)
Irresponsible hate anthem (cut)
The Death Song (cut)
Disposable Teens (cut)
Tourniquet (cut)
The Fight Song (cut)
The Nobodies (cut)
Lunchbox (cut)
Rock is dead (cut)
The Dope show (cut)
In The Shadow of the Valley of Death (cut)
Valentine's day (cut)
The Love Song (cut)
The Beautiful People (cut)
1996 (cut)


thx to Dave and Franticland

Note : The only thing that should be interesting to watch would be God eat God but the song was not recorded... Only a few parts of the other songs were filmed. Quality is not famous and sound is very poor.

Rarety : 02/10